Mr Patel (and his team) regularly publish their work in scientific journals.
These are some of his publications:

Published Articles :

      1. D Hill, K Patel, D Herlekar. Early catastrophic failure of a PINNACLE MARATHON polyethylene acetabular liner: a report of a malpositioned PINNACLE DUOFIX HA acetabular shell resulting in point loading and accelerated wear. Hip Int 2016; 26(6): e52-e55.
      2. M Soufi, A Khunda, D Kalloo, K Patel. A Traumatic Dislocation of a Unicondylar Knee Replacement: A Case Report.  Orthopaedic & Muscular System: Current Research 2014, 3:4.
      3. Patel K, Raut V. Patella in Total Knee Arthroplasty: To resurface or not to- A cohort study of staged bilateral total knee arthroplasty. International Orthopaedics. 2011; 35 (3): 349-353.
      4. Samuel R, Sloan A, Patel K, Aglan M, Zubairy A. The efficacy of combined popliteal and ankle blocks in forefoot surgery. JBJS Am. 2008; 90: 1443-1446.
      5. Yallapragada R, Patel K, Davuluri P, Sloan A, Marynissen H. Arthroscopy assisted fixation of glenoid fracture. International journal of shoulder surgery. July 2007; 1(3): 96-99.
      6. Drane AJ, Patel KJ, Murali SR. Non-union of an olecranon fracture in a professional rugby player. Injury Extra. July 2007; 38 (7): 228-230.
      7. Patel K, Oudit D, Ross G, Howcroft AJ, Nicholson C. Midface swelling in a child – A diagnostic dilemma. The Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery. 2005; 13 (4): 207-208.
      8. Zakir Shariff, Kuntal Patel, A. Elbo, I. Guisasola. Bilateral radial head fractures in a woman with trivial trauma. Medscape General Medicine. 2005; 7(3).
      9. Amit Kapoor, P.P.Golwala, Kuntal J Patel, Deven V Desai, Sashidhar V. Yeluri. Giant Cell Tumor of First Metacarpal. The Internet Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery. 2004; 2 (1).
      10. Patel K, Kapoor A, Daveshwar R, Golwala. Percutaneous Intramedullary Supracondylar Nailing for fractures of distal femur. Malaysian journal of medicine; May 2004; 59:206- 207.
      11. Kuntal Patel. Postgraduate diploma in science of sports injuries. BMJ Career Focus, Oct 2005; 331: 183.
      12. Kuntal Patel, Wee Leon Lam. Tips on: Research fellow interviews. BMJ Careers. 2005; 331:70-71.
      13. Kuntal Patel. Review: 1000 EMQs for PLAB – based on current exams. BMJ Careers. 2005; 330:211.
      14. Kuntal Patel. TIPS ON: Managing your emails. BMJ Career Focus, Feb 2005; 330: 76.
      15. Kuntal Patel. Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine. BMJ Careers. 2005; 330:39.
      16. Patel K. What’s on the web – Orthopaedics. BMJ Careers; 329(7466): 110.
      17. Patel K. Tips on passing PLAB 2. BMJ Careers; 328:261.
      18. Amit Kapoor, Sameer Shah, Sashidhar V Yeluri, Kuntal J Patel. Closed fracture of Head of Fourth Metatarsal with Complete Rotation of the Articular Surface. Bombay Hospital Journal. April 2004; 46(2): 235-236.

    Published book :

    Zakir Habib, Kuntal J Patel. A-Z of Plab Part 2. Kalam Books.2004.

    Published Abstract :

    Patel K, Kapoor A, Golwala P, Daveshwar R. Long term results of percutaneous retrograde femur nailing for distal femoral fractures. Injury Extra. 2005; 36: 135-6.

    Abstracts in Proceedings of Meetings :

    Patel K, Kapoor A, Golwala P, Daveshwar R. ‘Long term results of distal femoral nailing’ – proceedings of 14th Triennial Congress of Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association. 271. September 2004.
    Patel Kuntal, Javed Arshad. Role of intraarticular steroids for osteoarthritis knee. Proceedings of 14th Triennial Congress of Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association. 62. September 2004.
    Patel K, Kantawala A, Kapoor A, Naik R. Results of surgery in dorsal koch’s spine with neurology. Proceedings of 14th Triennial Congress of Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association. 245. September 2004.
    Patel K, Javed Arshad. Practice of use of intraarticular steroids for osteoarthritis knee. Proceedings of 68th Annual meeting Western Orthopaedic Association, U.S. 14. October 2004.

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